Friday, September 4, 2015

Best Little Hair Cut in Town

I initially didn't want to cut baby Shane's hair until he was 4 years old. That was until Shane's hair grew exponentially this summer and got totally out of control as he spent this summer in swim lessons and playing outdoors and putting anything that he could find in his hair. Shane also decided this summer that he didn't want anyone to comb his hair or wash and condition his hair. Every other evening  I have spent fighting with him in the tub to wash his curls and remove all the build up from the day. In July, I decided that Shane definitely needed a hair cut to make everyone's life just a little bit easier. His first cut was done by his Dad, who isn't a barber, so it was just a basic scissor cut to get some  hair off of the top, but not too much because it could only be so neat with the scissors. After this initial cut, we decided to take him to a barbershop....not a good outcome. We tried several barber shops and each time, got the same response from Shane which was Shane crying and trying to knock the clippers from the barbers hands. Not safe for anyone! After much research online and recommendations, we decided to take Shane to Snip-It's. Snip-It's a salon specializing in kids cuts and shampoos and parties and first time hair cuts. As soon as we walked in I knew Shane would enjoy the experience. The salon features bright colors, a castle to play with and colorful TV screens at each station. In the chair, Shane was offered a lollipop and a puzzle to play with, which was the biggest treat for him, he barely noticed that he was getting his hair cut. I enjoyed the experience just as much as Shane did and would totally recommend Snip-It's, The cut ran us about $19, but the experience for Shane was well worth the cost. Check out some pics of his cut, sorry I didn't take before pics, I really didn't think they would succeed in cutting his hair :)