Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Toddler friendly Beach trip – Colonial Beach, VA 4th of July edition

This summer has been majorly hot and I found myself really unprepared as far as toddler play dates and swim lessons and camps are concerned. Last summer (1 year old) we were super busy with activities and exploring and swimming. This summer we have been sort of taking it easy. This is really because Shane is working on building major potty and speaking skills so we spend a lot of time at the house. 4th of July was really no different, I think we really just wanted to give Shane a little beach without the fuss of crowds and of an amusement park or large beach.

I grew up in the Northern Neck of Virginia, so Colonial Beach was a natural choice. Colonial Beach is a quiet town for the most part, but has some great family activities…there are tours and great walking and bike riding scenery and the actual beach which rests on the Potomac River. There is also a casino that sits right on the rivah, which is what the locals call the Potomac.

We spent the day relaxing by the water and reading and eating “beach food”. I really enjoyed the 4th and never felt like I was anywhere else but home.

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