Friday, August 14, 2015

Back-up Day Care to the Rescue!

Hey Everyone! Happy Friday! I just had the best afternoon discussion with some co-workers about a program that my company offers to working mothers called the Back-up Care Advantage Program. This programs offers moms back up care when your regular sitter/care provider can't make it for the day. Just by registering you can have access to back up care for your children and elderly care for those of you caring for aging parents or other family members. I was so excited because we need only pay a co-pay and give 2 hours notice and a sitter is right on your door step so you can make it to work on time every time. Our program is offered through Bright Horizons, who has some wonderful facilities. I thought I'd mention this program, because I hadn't heard of it but I'll bet many other companies have been offering programs like this one for years. If you aren't sure if your company offers this type of program, contact your human resources office or visit and look for your company name on the list! Just thought I'd share...let me know any tips you have for back up care.

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